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of a new play

R Online Readings is a free opportunity for performers to work collaboratively on new writing, hone their craft and network.


Each month we are hosting an Online Reading of an exciting new stage play. Performers are invited to breathe life into the words on the page, while connecting with projects in early development.

Book to read a role, or just to listen and witness the creative process. A place for writers, directors, producers, and theatre makers to connect and discuss how to take a script from page to the stage. 

A chance for performers to play in a safe and friendly environment, hone their acting craft, practice their sight reading skills, and delve deep into some rich and meaty text.

Have access to the information above by audio.

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Supporting performing  artists and emerging writers to develop their  own work.

 What people say about R 

The technical facility proved flawless! I'm now well-equipped to make impactful
revisions & take what was a good yet flawed piece of theater to a higher level.

Michael Swiskay, Playwright

It gave me a renewed confidence in myself, the play & my writing ability,
without which I’m unsure if I would have had the belief to put my play forward for competition. 

I took home the Scriptwriting & Co/Posterity Entertainment Award & will see the play go into production in the UK & receive
a £100K funding.

I really enjoyed taking part in the play reading. As an actor I’m always looking for ways to
feed my creativity. I certainly feel nourished. I have also been writing & it’s spurred me on to keep working on it.

Deborah Cordon, Actor

Derek Masterson, Playwright

 R  Mission 

We wish to nurture talent and help with the early stages of development of new work. 

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